Cabinet Factory Photos

Millennium takes pride in the fact that we oversee the production and installation of our cabinetry from start to finish. The photos in this album show you where our cabinetry starts–in our very… Continue reading

Millennium Gives Back

Millennium is giving back! Through the Friendship Circle of Michigan, a local organization that provides support for children with special needs, Millennium is donating their craft to a 21 year old named Liliya who… Continue reading

Bloomfield Hills Residence 001

It often comes as a surprise to many of our clients how quickly they can see dramatic changes take place on their projects during the installation process. To give you an idea, we… Continue reading

Bloomfield Hills Residence 002

This is a project we began working on in March. It is an intensive renovation of the kitchen, pantry, laundry room and powder room. Stay tuned for our exciting progress photos, coming soon!

We are Millennium Cabinetry. And this is our blog…

Metro Detroit’s top architects and most prestigious builders look to Millennium for unsurpassed service and the finest quality custom cabinetry. Millennium has been designing and manufacturing elegant wood cabinets for the entire home… Continue reading