Millennium Gives Back


Millennium is giving back! Through the Friendship Circle of Michigan, a local organization that provides support for children with special needs, Millennium is donating their craft to a 21 year old named Liliya who suffers from cerebral palsy and liver cancer.

Originally from Russia, Liliya’s family moved to Oak Park, Michigan for better health care–and have been living for 17 years in a small, one-bedroom apartment. The Friendship Circle is renovating a studio apartment for this wheelchair-bound young woman in her family’s apartment complex to give this disabled young woman a bit of space and sense of independence.

Millennium will be helping in this renovation by building Lilily a custom-made ottoman and a built-in wall unit for her to have space to organize her things and a table for her to work on creative projects. Stay tuned for pictures of the donated furniture.

To help Liliya, contact the Friendship Circle of Michigan.